The Mercy Wall - A New Feature At Catherine McAuley Westmead

Catherine McAuley Westmead has installed a fifteen metre ‘Mercy Wall’ on the school grounds as a reminder to students and staff of the Mercy values of the school.

The Wall was the idea of two staff members who designed it as part of their participation in the Staff Mercy 5 Formation Program. This program is a joint initiative of the Parramatta and North Sydney Sisters of Mercy and the five Sydney Mercy secondary schools. The program is a year long program and each year two staff members from Catherine McAuley are chosen to take part. It allows them to engage with their Mercy colleagues to help to better understand the history and traditions that stem from the Sisters of Mercy.

Mrs Taryn Grima and Mrs Jessica Muggleton chose the Mercy Wall installation as their project as part of the program as it was a way to bring Mercy and the school values to the forefront of the minds of staff and students as they walk around the school campus.

“Through our research with staff and students it became clear that everyone in our community considered Mercy as a value however we wanted to ensure all of our school values, that we live out every day, are remembered by our students”, says Taryn. “The external wall of one of our buildings was our canvas, being a large blank space. In addition, this area is at the heart of our school, and visible from many areas. It is a high traffic area and we wanted our project to be enjoyed by all staff, students and visitors”.

Taryn and Jess used the idea of a scrabble board to display the six values as it is symbolic of the values intersecting and branching off one another. “Our final design ensured that Mercy was at the centre of the display as it is the centre of what we do and who we are”, says Jess. “ We hope that this Mercy Wall brings our school values to the forefront in a more visible way and makes them part of our everyday language within the school”.

Mercy Wall