Curriculum and Subjects

A range of subject choices are available in each year group.

Year 7

During their first year at high school students study Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History, French or Japanese, Music, Visual Arts, Technology Mandatory, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education.

Year 8

In Year 8 students study Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History, Music, Visual Arts, Technology Mandatory and Personal Development/Health/Physical Education.

Years 9 & 10

In Years 9 & 10 students study a core range of subjects comprising Religious Education, English, Mathematics (Stages 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3), Science, Australian History, Australian Geography and Personal Development/Health/Physical Education.

Students choose from two electives from the subject list below. A language can only be chosen if it has been studied in previous years. The course run in each year may change depending on student choice.  

Years 9 & 10 Subjects    
Commerce Visual Arts Drama
Textiles Technology Elective Geography         Information & Software Technology
Elective History   Dance Design & Technology
Japanese Music Physical Activity and Sports Studies
French Food Technology  

Years 11 & 12

Catherine McAuley is accredited with the Board of Studies so that students may qualify for the award of the NSW Higher School Certificate. Year 11 students are required to study at least 12 units (from the subject list below) for the HSC Preliminary course. Year 12 students are required to study at least 10 units for the award of the HSC. Included in this must be 2 units of English and at least 1 unit of Religious Education.

Please note that the course run in each year may change depending on student choice.    

Years 11 & 12 Subjects    
Catholic Studies Chemistry Photography
Studies of Religion 1 unit Physics        Design & Technology
Studies of Religion 2 unit Business Studies          Information Process & Technology
English Fundamentals Economics Food Technology
English Standard Geography Textiles & Design
English Advanced Legal Studies Hospitality Kitchen Operations (VET)
English Extension I Ancient History Information Technology (VET)
English Extension II Modern History Construction (VET)
Preliminary General Mathematics (Yr 11) History Extension Community & Family Studies
General Mathematics I Society & Culture Exploring Early Childhood
General Mathematics II Drama PD/H/PE
Mathematics Dance Visual Arts
Mathematics Extension I Music 1 Business Services (VET)
Mathematics Extension II Music 2 Retail (VET)
Senior Science Music Extension French Continuers
Biology Entertainment (VET) Japanese Continuers

 Opportunities are also available to attend external Vocational Education Courses at TAFE Colleges and to study languages at the Saturday School for Community Language.