Enrolment Process

Catherine McAuley adheres to the enrolment policy set by the Parramatta Diocese Catholic Education Office.

A new Enrolment Policy for Parramatta Diocesan Catholic schools was introduced in October 2014 which offers Catholic families greater choice by allowing them to apply for enrolment at a Catholic school anywhere in the Diocese. Enrolment priority is given in the following order: 

  • Catholic children who live in the local parishes
  • Catholic children from other parishes
  • Daughters or grand daughters of past students
  • Children of families who actively participate in the life of the school and local parish communities (eg. siblings)
  • Orthodox children
  • Children from other Christian faiths
  • Children of non-Christian faith

Siblings of children already enrolled in the school are considered by the same criteria above. However, within each of these categories, a sibling of a child already enrolled will have preference over an applicant who does not have a sibling enrolled in the school.

Catholic schools have a strong Catholic dimension and people of other faiths who wish to enrol in Catholic schools should be willing to participate in the religious activities of the school. Non-Catholic students are accepted into Catherine McAuley provided they share the values of the school.

Applying for admission in Year 7

Enrolment applications can be lodged at any time however applications for next year must be received by the school in late March of the year prior to commencement. 

For those seeking enrolment for Year 7 2020 an Open Afternoon/Evening will be held at the school on Tuesday, 12th March 2019. This evening will provide an opportunity for you to tour the school, meet other parents and staff, and to ask any questions you may have about the enrolment process. In addition, the school will hold two school tours for those interested in touring the school on a normal school day. In 2018 these tours will take place on Monday 26th November 2018 and Thursday 6th December 2018. Apart from our Open Afternoon/Evening these are the only school tours available for Year 7 2020 enrolments. A place can be booked for one of these tours by phoning School Reception on 9849 9100.

Applying for admission in Years 8 to 12

Students seeking admission in these years may submit an application at any time, and will be required to attend an interview accompanied by the parents or carers. Offers of admission will be made in accordance with the Parramatta Diocesan enrolment policy set by the Catholic Education Office. Once enrolled, transition planning will take place to ensure the student has a seamless and warm welcome to Catherine McAuley.

Enrolment Process

Applications for enrolment at Catherine McAuley must be made using the designated enrolment form. When submitting your completed enrolment application form, please include copies of your child’s:

  • Birth Certificate (if born in Australia)
  • Citizenship Certificate & Translated Birth Certificate (if Australian citizen)
  • Passport and Visa (for both child and parents) and Translated Birth Certificate for child only (if Permanent Resident)
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Parish Priest’s Reference (or reference from other religious community)
  • Two most recent school reports and NAPLAN results

In addition, the enrolment application must also include:

  • Signed School Fees Agreement
  • All documentation signed by parents/guardians and student
  • Application fee of $50
  • Passport size photograph of student